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choose L o v e 

for your life and your business. 

Learn about us and who we are.  

Who we are

POWER OF THREE -  Love yourself, Love the people around you, and Love the world.


Just Choose Love Productions in a Vancouver based company dedicated to adding "more love" into business, this includes exisiting businesses, merging, and creating and inspiring future "love minded" companies. 


Our Team

Dr. Brian Martin
President - Health

For over 20 years, Dr. Martin has been a visionary and leader in complementary therapies, specializing in chronic conditions such as stubborn obesity, heart disease and diabetes. He is a diplomat in anti-aging medicine and expert in the safe use of bio-identical hormones. Dr. Martin has given hundreds of lectures on health and anti-aging and was recommended by Suzanne Somers in her book, Breakthrough.

Dr. Martin founded Just Choose Love Productions Ltd, in 2007 with a mandate to create and help existing business improve the quality of life for people all around the world. In August 2014 Dr. Martin was pleased to merge with Mr. Surrender Bains and GuruGlobal Consulting. This innovative enhancement allows further opportunity and growth for investors seeking to add a health care investment to their portfolio.

Priti Patel Martin
VP - Artistic Development

Priti is an accomplished writer and film producer with an amazing story of triumph, female courage and free will. Her three greatest strengths of persisitance, courage and gratitude.


With a whole new perception of life a deeply loving husband, family and friends, Priti's childhood is a distant memory in her present day extraordinary awareness. 




Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas
VP - Publishing and Client Relations
Mr. Surrender Bains
Director - Asian Expansion

Experience, Vision, Stability are key factors to sucess. Surrender has leveraged his broad experience in business development into an extensive international business network. He has participated in mergers & acquisitions, consulting, arrangement of finances and numerous other dealings. Among these have been Events, Fashion, Films, Brand promoting, Advertising, Education Multi-Level Marketing and Real estate projects, involving both public and private companies.


Surrender has had vast international experience in his other corporate dealings. He has handled the startup of several ventures, participating in all aspects of their growth and financing, both as an investor and a manager. Professionalism and discipline are the two "Crucial Ingredients" he lives by.

JD Belfontaine
Director - Management

Mr. Belfontaine has a proven track record of managing from start to finish new businesses. Mr. Belfontaine helps equip, manage and empower new and exisiting companies. 

Richelle Lucas 
VP Head Writer
Media Creative Team Lead  

Nathalie is part of the “inner-change” piece of JCL.  No.1 Best Selling Author, Life coach and master NLP practitioner, certified personal trainer and instructor with over 28 years of experience in the fitness industry, nutrition and wellness specialist and weight loss expert. Nathalie adds techiques beyond coaching you; she teaches how to retrain our minds to succeed. Her unique process and inspirational attitude, combined with her zest for life will help you redefine yourself. ‘Don’t Just Be. Be Your Best’ is the way she lives her life and how she inspires her clients.





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