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Board of Directors



Dr. Brian Martin, BSc ND

Medical Director / Product Development

Dr. Martin brings his 25 years of experience in Naturopathic Medicine to JCL’s mission to lead with love and purpose. He believes each person has the ability to have a fulfilled, joyful, and healthy life, when given the tools. He is the founder and owner of Enerchanges Health Clinic, Canada’s first optimal aging and happiness clinic and the Senior Medical Director at Phivida, a company that formulates functional CBD. With Dr. Martin’s professional background and innovative vision, he is a leader in his field of creating products related to therapeutic medicine and optimal aging.

Dr. Martin’s credentials include serving as the former president of the College of Naturopathic Physicians of British Columbia (CNPBC) and acting as a diplomat in Anti-Aging Medicine for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). He received his Naturopathic Doctorate Degree from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon.


Priti Martin

VP Artistic, Creative & Women's Business Development

I am a Vancouver-based artist who loves to fully explore all aspects of life, I enjoy focusing on nature as well as the human journey. Especially moments that make me feel a sense of awe. As a woman, I strive to use art not only as a tool to express my own personal growth and gratitude but also to illustrate an aspect of innocence and wonder in the world around me.My motive is to create art that moves our focus towards freedom and enjoyment and to recover a feeling of love, safety and joy.

Carey Grimwood 2.jpg


VP Fitness & Product Development

Carey Grimwood brings over 30 years of wellness knowledge to her clients and has been practicing professionally for seven years. Her diverse background and an insatiable quest for knowledge enables her to holistically and fully support the health and wellbeing of those who seek her expertise.


Practicing the belief that we are all connected, and that wellbeing and optimal growth come from being in a grounded place, Carey provides a safe, energy-positive space. She believes that healing one person can help heal a community.


Advisory Board
Alex Scales.jpg

Alex Scales

Product Testing

Alex Scales is a freelance Engineering Consultant. Currently innovating in the field of Chemical Engineering. Recently, transformed the marijuana distillation process, by designing a new process for the conversion of THC to CBN. 

Previously, he was recognized for his advanced achievements in his Corrosion and Erosion Resistant Coating Used on Deep Sea Aluminum Beacons. Alex thrives when intellectually challenged by new problems to be solved in unique and creative ways. After graduating from university, Alex left his home town of Halifax, Nova Scotia and moved to British Columbia in order to help develop innovative machinery for his father’s hemp processing business. 

Following which he stayed on as a board member and became the director of research and development. In the pursuit of new and exciting challenges, he then resigned his position and created his current career as a freelance Engineer. 

2013-05-01 10.04.19.jpg

Bryan & Buffy

Women's Constructions Projects 

Buffy and Bryan have been working together for over 20 years, they create beautiful homes from making viable visions. 

Bryan & Buffy

Michael T. West

Corporate Marketing & Business Development

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Effy 2.png


VP Media Development

In 2001 Effy moved from Ghana, West Africa to Edmonton to pursue her dream of becoming a director in film and Television. Identifying as a queer female person of colour, she brings a unique creative content to the JCL media development team. Effy's passion to create visual stories comes from her experience as an assistant director from Warner Brothers production to more recent Netflix productions. Her drive, charisma and integrity are the charactor traits that JCL is excited to have at their company.


Erik Masden

Women's Property Development 

Erik's goal has always been to "help my his client realize their dreams.", After over 40 years of exploring Greater Vancouver I have had the opportunity to discover many unique neighbourhoods within The Lower Mainland. My goal is to help my clients realize their dreams of living and investing in this great province. I am passionate about being a Realtor, this is my career and it is my job to fulfill my client’s expectations. My clients are trusting me with one of the biggest decisions they will make in life, therefore I am relentless in the pursuit of my client’s interest. I will never compromise when it comes to delivering the absolute best service possible. I work hard because my clients deserve the best.

Erik's Power Projects 

Eriks Fund Me Projects / Team / Fund Percentage 


Dr. Gordon Gertz

Health Program and Products Invisionare

Dr. Gertz has been in practice serving the Yaletown community for the past 23 years. During this time he has provided care for NHL and NBA players, visiting Ballet and Musical Performance tours, professional body-builders and on-set care for numerous actors in feature films.

Joel Sercel, PhD.png

Joel Sercel, PHD

Research & Development

Joel spent 14 years at JPL and taught systems engineering and space missionand satellite design at the graduate level at Caltech for 12 years. While at JPLSercel received awards from NASA for innovations in diverse areas includingdatabases to support space mission projects, focusing   systems for plasmabeams, engineering team productivity tools, and advanced space propulsiontechnologies.

Joost Lucker, PhD.jpg

Dr. Joost Lucker, PHD

Research & Development
  • PhD, Botany and MSc. Plant breeding and crop protection: Wageningen University, Netherlands

  • +12 years international postdoctoral research experience in Biochemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Phytochemistry, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Consulting experience in QA/QC, GMP, Biochemistry

  • +25 years experience in horticulture, botany, molecular biology, genetics, genetic engineering, phytochemistry, plant breeding, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, previous Research subjects: Monoterpenoid and sesquiterpenoid biosynthesis, regulation and engineering, plant-insect interactions,Viticulture; regulation of the proteome during 'veraison' and characterisation of novel anthocyanin producing enzymes, development of an edible plant PAL treatment for PKU patients, Land and Food System’s department Wine Research Centre at University of British Columbia, Simon Frasier University, University of Queensland

  • Co-owner of several recognized Patents in Plant Genomics: including; DNA encoding inducible plant promoters, etc.

Patrick Bitter.jpg

Dr. Patrick Bitter, Jr.

Best Dermatologist Los Gatos

Patrick Bitter, Jr., M.D. is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in non-surgical treatments to improve skin health and delay aging and anti-aging medicine. He is the founder of Advanced Aesthetic Dermatology and maintains medical practices in Los Gatos, CA and Beverly Hills, CA. He graduated from the University of California with highest honors in Biology. He received his medical degree from Stanford University School of Medicine. He completed his dermatology residency at Stanford University School of Medicine in 1986.

No Photo.png


Youth Development 

Shelly is an experienced internationally certified Business and Life Coach and is the founder of Clear Living Works. Her passion is to inspire others to live as their highest selves, by offering guidance towards reaching set goals and for clearing their path from potential blocks. One of her heartfelt goals is to inspire, encourage, and empower underprivileged youth and women to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Jeremy, her loving husband of 20 years, has partnered with Shelly to offer Relationship Coaching. Together, they offer a safe place for couples to relax, be themselves and learn new ways to communicate with each other. In this way, they assist in the success of the couple, individually, and as partners.



Carey Grimwood 2.jpg


VP Fitness & Product Development

Carey Grimwood brings over 30 years of wellness knowledge to her clients and has been practicing professionally for seven years. Her diverse background and an insatiable quest for knowledge enables her to holistically and fully support the health and wellbeing of those who seek her expertise.


Practicing the belief that we are all connected, and that wellbeing and optimal growth come from being in a grounded place, Carey provides a safe, energy-positive space. She believes that healing one person can help heal a community.

Karen and Eddie.png

Karen & EddIE Ferg

Health, Fitness, and Youth Empowerment

Karen and Eddie bring their combined 25 years of experience of athletics to the JCL family. Their mission over the past six years has been to foster self-determination in youth through athletics, education, and personal empowerment. Their holistic approach to empowering youth includes addressing nutritional needs and even combating structural barriers such as funding for education. By believing in the youth, they inspire discipline and enable them to reach their goals. 
The Fergs believe that “there are no limits but the ones you set for yourself.” They consistently strive to develop themselves through continuous learning and are always searching for ways to pass it forward, in memory of those who helped them when they needed a helping hand. 

Patrizia Paoluzzi.JPG


VP Health Foods Division

Patrizia brings to JCL a lifelong passion for food, nutrition & health. An insatiable researcher, lifelong learner and lover of good, clean functional foods and nutraceuticals, she is developing innovative and high quality products that satisfy and nourish mind, body and spirit. Patrizia has a Bachelor of Arts degree from UBC and comes from an education and social services background where she worked for many years as a Career Development Practitioner helping youth and adults with career/self-exploration and career planning. She loved helping others vision and explore possibilities and offered care, encouragement and information to take the necessary steps towards their goals. In her spare time, she enjoyed reading about food and nutrition and could often be found testing out new recipes in the kitchen and sharing her culinary creations with friends and family. She realized that she had untapped potential, creativity, curiosity, and a strong desire to be involved in an entrepreneurial venture related to food and nutrition. She is thrilled to join JCL and be a part of bringing more love into business and disrupting the market with innovative food products.

Tara, Just Choose Love Headshot.png


VP Product ReDevelopment, Green Delivery

With over 15 years of experience working in the health and wellness industry, Tara has a deep passion for helping others and holds the philosophy that beauty exudes from the inside out. Her interests range from aesthetic treatments and products to nutraceutical enrichment and physical well-being. As a Just Choose Love Ambassador, her mission is to reduce consumption and consumerism in a positive and creative way. Tara is looking forward to being exposed to new challenges and opportunities to promote growth, and is excited to start creating connections between her and the others she encounters.

Tom Varga.jpg


Extraction Consultant

Tom has 8 years of experience in the cannabis industry mainly working on extracting different cannabinoids. He is responsible for the extraction and formulation of about 90 products that specifically caters to medicinal needs of the industry. By working with patients and getting key feedback, he continuously does research on medicinal cannabis treatments for various conditions as well as proper dosing application.

His firsthand knowledge of extraction and formulation has been of great value in practical design-work of extraction and manufacturing facilities. Tom is hands-on in operating some European facilities that he also helped design. Currently, Tom is working on setting up new stateof-the-art extraction and manufacturing facilities throughout Canada as well as various locations globally such as Europe and South America.

Vivian BW.jpg

Vivian Shaw

Women's Product Development & Sales

Vivian has been working with online and in-person sales for almost 20 years, specializing in the independent women’s market. JCL women projects aim to present unique women’s products and art to the public.


Vivian Power Picks

Vivian Women’s Fund Me Projects / JCL Percentage


Lindsey O'Shea

Yogi and Fitness Consultant

Lindsey is a motivated yoga/fitness instructor with advanced training always seeking to further her yoga and fitness journey. She is energetic, mature and outgoing with an approachable style and strives to inspire others to improve their wellness and commit to long-term health and fitness goals. She is also a para-professional with experience and achievement in executive support and board administration, as well as office management, supervision, and general workplace operations.


Lindsey's approach is professional, pleasant and forthcoming with a proactive leadership style combined with a sense of humor. She possesses a high degree of integrity and diplomacy and is highly focused and results-oriented.

Hannah Parks (2) (1).jpg

Hannah parks

Copywriter and Web Designer 

Hannah is a freelance writer and artist based out of Vancouver, BC. While her passion lies in empowering others, her vocation lies in amplifying others’ voices with the written word and relational content. Hannah loves how the art of storytelling can bring people together and her diverse background (having lived in six countries) lends herself to identifying the commonalities of the human experience.


Kevin Shale 1.png


Clean Air, Clean Water, Clean Food

CEO of MONTRA Canada and a local entrepreneur with Indigenous heritage, Kevin is proud to offer sustainable solutions to our Canadian commercial and residential sectors. He believes that now more than ever we need to adopt sustainable solutions that can truly make a difference in this time of need.

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