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"We're All About Health Products!"

We're passionate about bringing quality health products to your life!
Our Philosophy


Our Passion


Our Vision


Mission Statement  

Put more love into business.

What we can do for you

Just Choose Love is looking to supply micro-loans to start-up companies that relate to one the latter two of the power of three: helping the people you love, and helping the world. This can be any kind of product that improves on those already existing, or some new market-space like a biodegradable paper cups, or using these micro loans to build infrastructure somewhere less privileged.


We are also looking to bring Just Choose Love into larger companies to provide a “JCL Upgrade” to make that company into a more sustainable, and conscientious company. Companies can change their image and be associated with something more loving, socially acceptable and aware.


Most people believe you can’t create income by being a good person, and that’s something that Just Choose Love would like to change.


We want to connect and network both investors and businesses that can help each-other in more ways than simply exchanging money, but also professional services to grow a network of caring business that create wealth.

The idea is to move away from the fear of “work work work” into something that has more of a trickle-down effect so that people can actually create more income. Love and business are a good fit together.

What you can do for us

If you have an idea that you think can help those around you and help the world, JCL wants to assist in networking you with the people that can make it happen. Or, if you are looking to invest in such a business through a micro-loan, or an exchange of services that could lift that business off the ground, JCL is the place for you.

Current Projects : Wainwright Cab Driver

In speaking to a cab driver in Wainwright, we found that we had a lot of similar views on life. We kept in touch, and eventually he contacted us looking for a micro-loan to purchase his own taxi to start working for himself. The idea here is that he will take money from his profits to eventually make another micro-loan, and that area just grows with JCL.


The Inspiration for Just Choose Love  

Just Choose Love came from the observation and belief that doing something more kind-hearted and more loving you get a better effect. Viewing whether you lose your house, a loved one, or go bankrupt, doing it all in a loving way makes it easier to get out of it and easier to cope with it.


It is easier to go through the hardships of life when you come at it from a place of love, and you will attract people who can bring valuable talents to the table.


The central idea behind JCL is that the fear-based business model is changing and people are desensitized to doing things out of fear.

A concept that you can create businesses that create income by helping other people.


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